AstroMiner Part I

    AstroMiner is design to have 3 parts.

    Part I – Foundations. The player needs to build a stable enough base that can be defended from enemies and sustain them while they work on Part II.

    Part II – Communications. The player can’t build radios and equipment necessary to talk to Earth with R-01. It’s an asteroid mining robot. They’ll need to find a way to step out of the suit so they can work fine electronics such as radios. Once they get the required setup for radios, they’ll need to build a set of antennas that are powerful enough to reach Earth. Once they’ve got these set up, it’s time to talk to Earth and get the plans required for Part III – Returning Home.

    Part III – Returning Home. The team from Earth is going to tell the player what they need to do to return home. Portal? Spaceship? They’ll know what’s best, and the focus on this phase will be to build our way back home.

    Today mark’s the transition of my development into Phase II.

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